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What will you find here:
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– key takeaways

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– a systematic timeline
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– our future together </3

You’ve been warned…


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  • Machine Learning GG EZ: Perceptron Algorithm

    For data scientist scholars, the first algorithm that we learn is Perceptron, just because of how simple and elegant it is to solve classification problems. What is a classification problem? As you probably can guess already, its a problem to classify 2 things, either true or false. As an example, imagine you have a dataset…

  • Pokemon Legends Archeus : First 6 Hours Review

    Reviewer Pokemon background: Started with Fire Red, spent 100 hours in game to catch everything and deleting the save file to redo it twice with different starter pokemon before coming back again to his first choice (Charmander ofc). Even used cheat codes to retrieve Ho-oH, Lugia, and Deoxys. Went to Ruby, fell in love with…

  • Harry Potter and the Horcrux Cave – A reflection from a Christian view

    In the Half-blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledore found out the secret about Horcrux, and Dumbledore asked Harry to accompany him to destroy it. In my opinion, it’s not because Dumbledore cannot solve the puzzle of the dungeon nor does he needs protection from Harry, I think Dumbledore just wants to give Potter a lesson on…

  • 🖼️My Officially First NFT Purchase

    Sup, dude! If you haven’t seen part one of this story, check it out by clicking on this link. So, today was a ride indeed! Everyone was so hyped about the minting process of “The Space Warriors” in Open Sea. I can’t wait to write a story ✉️ about the good parts (and the bad…

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