🌟Time Wasting Activities

The only hobby this young shōnen (boi) has is experiencing something new.

Or… That’s just his excuse because he doesn’t want to pick one? — sigh, this guy really has a problem with commitment, doesn’t he?

Aaaanyway, being an ambivert, others think he likes hanging out 🏞️ with people, being that guy that always get invited to party 🥳… However, secretly, he actually enjoys doing nerdy hobbies on his own.

Why? Because things that he enjoys normally are not the things that other people perceive cool 😎, or amazing. What happen when the first time you meet a girl, during your small talks, you told her that you like listening to Sawano Hiroyuki’s song🎵. Many things can happen, but there’s only 1 thing that will not happen: longer conversation.

And yes, that’s exactly the problem, he enjoys very specific things.

It’s comparable to a K-pop fan liking just 1 person in the idol group, and hating the others, while many Caucasians have not even listen to any K-pop song.

Aaaaanyway (again) without further ado, I think some of the things he likes are…

– Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
– Assassination Classroom
– Haikyuu!!
– No Game No Life
– Aldnoah Zero
– Gurren Lagann
– Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
– Guilty Crown
– Sword Art Online
– Airgear (inspired me to take mechatronics)

Aldnoah Zero

One of the reasons why he watches anime instead of reading manga is because of the movement scenes and the epic music. He thinks otherwise it’s much more time efficient to consume the content by reading manga.

And of course, popular ones that has 1763 episodes like Naruto and Bleach also have a special place in his heart.

– Doctor Stone
– Tales of Demons and Gods
– Liar Game
– Bowling King (childhood sentiment)
– Fairy Tail
– Kill La Kill

– Sweet Guy
– Omniscient Reader Viewpoint
– Solo Leveling

This guy also likes music 🎼 based on the singer / composer he follows. He doesn’t like pop and hate rap (but still follows Eminem because of his best friend in the Uni).

– Sawano Hiroyuki
– Aimer
– LiSA
– Tielle
– Reona
– Milet
– Avril Lavigne
– Linkin Park
– Fort Minor

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