First Magic Mushroom 🍄

It was winter… And people are planning for the first and last “classroom” trip of the Studien-Kollege (Study College). Stephen and co. are sitting together and discussing.

“Hey, you guys heard that we are going to go to Amsterdam, right?” – Stephen begins the conversation with a suggestive tone.

“And you know what Netherland is famous for, right?” 😈 Slava, the big Russian added.

“What is it?” 😊 – Richard, a holy Indonesian asked.

“Duuude, it’s the weed! It’s legal there!” – a cool Vietnamese, Thanh, answered quickly.

“Actually, I heard that weed is bad for your health, but what I would really like to try is something called… magic mushroom” – whisper Slava while moving his head forward. “I know how to get it. Do you guys want to join me?”

“We’ll need a plan, just in case things go south. We need at least 1 person as a guard, while the rest… you know… fly… He…He…He…. – laughing is not what Slava does normally, so it sounds a little bit sinister.

“Sure I want to try everything once anyway.”
“I’m not sure… but I’ll try too then… “
Stephen and Richard agree.

“And I want to see you guys fucked up! LOL” 🤣 – that’s when Thanh volunteered to become our guard.

They rented a bus 🚌 to go to Amsterday, and got a room in a really nice hotel 🏨 called “Floor17”. The check-in of 50 students were not a problem at all! Everything went really smooth… including their secret naughty plan. Without wasting any second, they took a tram and go mushroom hunting using Google Maps.

With Slava in the lead, it is surprisingly easy to find and acquire magic mushroom 🍄. There’re a lot of varient of mushrooms, including their effect and strength.

They bought only one… either because they’re not sure what are they doing, or because they haven’t get used to the currency yet, everything seems expensive 💶. Noone knows nor dares to speak up.

After dinner, they went back to Slava’s room to try the stuff.

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