Elementary School – 💪Tough School

His elementary school was a bit tough.

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There are many rules in that school.
– Don’t forget your cap every Monday
– Don’t forget to do your homework
– Don’t forget to bring the book for each of the subject 📚
– Don’t be late
– etc…

And each rule has the same punishment.
Make mistake 1 time, go outside for 1 hour ⌚.
Two times, 2 hours.
Three times, 4 hours.
and 4 times, 8 hours.

And outside doesn’t mean library, or any other room. Literally, just outside the class’ door… Standing… Like a dumb kid, you’re supposed to be. He thinks that’s just a waste of time.

There was a book called “homework book” 📕. So, every time the teacher gave homework, we’re supposed to write down there the list of homework. The next day, it was supposed to be signed by our parent, acknowledging that there is homework, and expecting that they are done.

There was a boy 👦🏿 that did mistake 3 times for other things. Unfortunately, he forgot to do the “homework book” signature, which is the first thing that is checked in the morning.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes 🕵🏻 to guess that he’s standing outside from the first bell rang in the morning, until it rang the last time. Yep… He was standing there, outside class, for the whole day. No mercy.

Went to school just to stand outside. Wow.

“Reflect on your mistake” they said…. How long can you reflect on your mistakes? – Stephen is resentful.

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