Budapest Hotspring ♨️

On the day after Christmas 2019, Stephen and his best friend, Timmy went to Budapest, since Timmy has just arrived in Germany and wanted to travel to the EU region. *

One of the unforgettable moments there was the hot spring. It was actually his first time going to a hot spring. There are multiple hot springs in Budapest because the city is famous for it, so they choose Széchenyi, the biggest one. They arrived there at 8AM, during winter, with the surrounding temperature of 10°C.

The architectural interior was very breadth-taking (pun intended) and Stephen can’t hide his excitement.

“Whoa, so beautiful! … so… beautiful… ” moans Stephen.

They went through many small sections of saunas and a small pool in the main building. A lot of senior people are enjoying their time and there are courses to help them stay active and relieve some pains.

But of course, they’re not here for the small stuff. They are men of focus and purpose! They skipped a lot of those things and headed directly to the main bath… The bath outdoor where they saw a lot of photos on the internet.

Széchenyi, Dec. 2017

Because of Christmas and the freezing temperature, the bath can be considered empty. Of course, it is considered as good for them, since they can swim here and there as much as they like.

After they finished swimming, they saw a group of people that looks like a tourist themselves. Stephen’s eyes were fixed on a tattoo. A tattoo that he is familiar with. A tattoo of Fairy Tail on one of the person’s upper hand, just like what Natsu Dragneel has.

*when you are applying visa to one of the EU countries, you can use the visa to travel to any country in the EU.

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The losers have to stay outside hot bath for 5 minutes, in winter, almost naked. The reason is one of the guys that look like a jock has read that changing extreme temperature is actually good for health. It sounds like a good deal, if you lose, you’re still going to get a benefit anyway.

They played a couple of rounds, changing themes like food, cars, and city names, until the sun is starting to shine, and it is time to eat breakfast.

So my takeaway here are:
1. be niche, niche people are really happy to see another fan,
2. be adventurous, go to local hot springs, local experiences,
3. and don’t be scared to say hi to another human being! I mean they’re just human like us.

[[ **how to play Pancasila Lima Dasar?
1. First determine the theme to guess, i.e. name of countries
2. Create a circle with all the players
3. After counting to 3, using one or two hands, a player may submit a number of fingers, and all players must submit a number of fingers (between 0 and 10)
4. A person will then count the number of fingers while translating it to a letter. (1 = A, 2 = B, … 26 = Z, 27 = A, … )
5. After determining the letter, all players must shout a country name that starts with that letter as fast as possible.
6. Players that can’t say any country name lose.

Example: 4 players, everyone is submitting 1 finger. 4 fingers = letter D. There are Denmark and so on. ]]

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