👩‍🏫 Prof. Viermann

In Stephen’s first semester of bachelor, he had a conflict management class. Every engineering student thought it was just a “bla-bla” (read: bull💩) class that is easy to pass 💯. But not for Stephen. He knows that there is something to take from that class. The lecturer was a young middle-aged woman called Prof. Viermann 👩.

At the end of her class, she announced that she needed a programmer to create her a website for her company, since she is opening a consulting agency. Stephen didn’t apply because he thought that he’s not that good enough. I mean, of course he had tried creating his own website using WordPress, but that was just hobby level. And so he passed the chance.

After a couple of days, he saw her and a potential programmer was discussing the website in the canteen. With a bit of eavesdropping 👂 skills, he found out that the potential partner didn’t know what he was talking about. So, he respectfully interrupted the discussion and point out some tips and loopholes… and then just left.

Not so long after that incident, Prof. Viermann approached him after he finished eating and ask for his help in exchange of a one-time payment of 500€. He negotiated that it would be more beneficial for him if he gets a 1-on-1 mentoring 😏 session with her instead. The dead ended with 250€ and 4 x mentoring + feedback session every week – which is very advantageous to him 🥰.

The business went really well. The website was ready, but a programmer cannot fill in the necessary missing pictures and description on the pages. But the lesson from the mentoring session is a lifetime gold 🪙.

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