🎈Jawad’s Birthday

Jawad 🧔🏿‍♂️ is one of Stephen’s best friends back in the early days of his Bachelor. He’s originally from Pakistan, but he’s living in Germany since he’s like super young.

On his birthday, he invited his close friends to party and to stay overnight in Duisburg, his hometown. The city is famous for night clubs, strip clubs, and other type of clubs 👯‍♀️. Coming from his background, he does not drink alcohol – although he’s super fun to hang out with, as if he’s always high all the time – (but shisha is okay, he loves shisha).

Stephen was so determined that day to help Jawad get a girl home 🏠. It doesn’t matter if he has to sleep outside or somewhere else, as long as his friend got a good time.

“Dude, don’t worry about everything. Today is all about you, and btw, I’m a super good wingman”

“Hahaha that’s ma Stephen! Yeah sure, I’m counting on you, man!” 😀

So, they and other 2 of their friends drove to a club downtown and start partying.

“So, which one do you like? That one is cute!” Stephen pointing with his eyes.

“Dude, don’t embarrass me, okay! … but I like the one next to her. “

In this type of environment, Stephen knows that the girls are grouping similar to fishes swimming in a shoal. They look pressuring when you look at them as a whole, but therefore you have to separate them a bit. – Divide and Conquer

And in most cases, by approaching them, it shows confidence. The other “group-mates” are going to give space anyway if the subject likes the guy.

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