💭Far Off Memory

This page only serves as a Tldr; (read: Too long don’t read) of Stephen’s life. One of millennials born in Indonesia, raised in a typical Asian family. Live normally like other Asian nerds in Bekasi and Jakarta (capital city) until 18 years old.

With those information above, you will already have some picture inside your head. Adding 180 cm tall and slim, with black hair, eye, and a typical Chinese actor’s face will make it even easier.

“A scattered dream that’s like a far-off memory,
A far-off memory that’s like a scattered dream.
I wanna line the pieces up
yours and mine”


Still don’t have it? Let me give you a bit of a push:
– Eating rice 🍚 everyday? ✔️
– Straight and have a religion ⛪? ✔️
– Good at math 💯 until university? ✔️
– Abacus? ✔️ Kumon? ✔️
– Bad at feeling emotions 💔 ? ✔️
– Had gaming 🎮 addictions? ✔️ And severely getting punished for that? ✔️✔️

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Let’s just assume that if you take the mean value and normalize the people with the same background as him, I guess you know already 80% of him. However, this blog’s purpose is to add the last additional 20%. So stay tune. 😉

It takes 20% of time to reach 80%, but takes 80% of time to reach the additional 20%

Pareto Principle

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