Harry Potter and the Horcrux Cave – A reflection from a Christian view

In the Half-blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledore found out the secret about Horcrux, and Dumbledore asked Harry to accompany him to destroy it.

In my opinion, it’s not because Dumbledore cannot solve the puzzle of the dungeon nor does he needs protection from Harry, I think Dumbledore just wants to give Potter a lesson on Horcrux, but asking him in a very humble way.

It is then compared starkly with Snape, that he thinks Dumbledore asked too much of him and unlike Harry that wants to help Dumbledore, he does not have the heart to help him.

Before they apparate, Dumbledore asked Harry to promise him that he must obey everything that he said to him during the journey, because it will be very dangerous. Harry trusts Dumbledore so much, that he promised. Just like what a Christian should do, just obey, because we know that our God cares for us. As a viewer, we don’t want Harry to suddenly act sulky full of distrust like Snape, do we?

During the journey, there are multiple events:
1. To gain the passage, Dumbledore has to cut his own hand. He insisted that he should do it by saying “No Harry, your blood’s more precious than mine”
2. To find the location of Horcrux, Dumbledore casts a guiding light magic.
3. To cross the lake to the middle, Dumbledore found a boat
4. To summon the Horcrux, the cursed potion need to be drunk. Dumbledore forced Harry to make him drink it by saying: “Because I am much older, much cleverer, and much less valuable.”

There’s one common thing in the all of the above things… All of them are done by Dumbledore. As a viewer which has reflected ourselves as the main character, we can only feel hopelessly dependent on our great headmaster. But the worst things are…

Harry’s failure to fulfill the request of Dumbledore:

  1. When Dumbledore asked for water, but Harry failed to get it… It can also be assumed that he took it lightly, by casually doing other things first like: getting the horcrux. (although it is also important). Of course at the end we know that taking the water from the lake is a trap, but still.
  2. When the inveris (corpses) attacked, Dumbledore calls his name a couple of time to help him gets his wand, and Harry still thinks that he can handle the situation alone, ignores His calls and tries to solve the situation with his own strength.

And at the end Dumbledore saves Harry again by casting Firestorm.

What did I learn there? Instead of doing things on our own way, we should just listen to Him, and do what He wants us to do. Both probably will turn out okay, however, Harry can skip the part when he was almost drown by an inveri.

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