🖼️My Officially First NFT Purchase

Sup, dude! If you haven’t seen part one of this story, check it out by clicking on this link.

So, today was a ride indeed! Everyone was so hyped about the minting process of “The Space Warriors” in Open Sea.

I can’t wait to write a story ✉️ about the good parts (and the bad parts). Let’s start with the good part.

The good number 1. They are really good at building community 👪, for real! Until the so-called Go-Live 🎈 moment, they have built up a discord server with 250.000 members inside! Which is INSANE on itself. There’s Gab, an admin who’s always hanging out in the voice channel, interacting with the whitelisted, Ezy, the admin who’s focusing on banning bots 🔨, and Tili who’s always dropping triple exp boost in the server and creating community events like fan-art and stuff. There are tons of people believing in them and tons of NFT-first-timer like me as well are convinced by them. 🍾

The good number 2. They are superb in marketing🦄. The marketing lead was just a 22-year-old boi, but he did his job really well. Heck, they even got Ronaldinho⚽, Soulja boy, and “Cash money AP” 💵 to participate! If that is not a success, I don’t know what does that means. They are everywhere in social media, especially Instagram and Twitter.

Proof that Ronaldinho joined the Raffle
Proof that Soulja boy joined the Raffle

The good number 3. The WhiteList community voice call. By enabling the community to enable themselves, they have shifted the heavy load of keeping the hype 🥳 and educating newbies 📕 to the community. One of the ways to do that is to do special events that are pushing people toward cooperation by using raffles, fan arts giveaways, appreciations quiz, votings 🙋‍♂️ , and DAO (they really take community decisions seriously).

The good number 4. They have learned lessons from many other NFT projects before them. One of the innovative decisions that are taken is to have the Mint price the SAME 🤷‍♂️ for the Whitelist people and the public MINT (both 0.2 ETH). Why? Because they predicted a lot of paper-hands 📃🤚- jargon for people who buy and directly sell getting just a small margin 😢- will use that chance to buy at the lower price and sell it just a bit under the public price. And what happened on the MINT day? Exactly that happened. A lot of people sell directly what they have minted. Really good prediction on their side. 🤖

I’ll attach below my Opensea page so you can see really that I minted two. 😁

And also the video in case you want to see how hyped people are during the REAL minting process! 🥳🎉

And here comes the bad parts…

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Alright, that’s just my key takeaway, I hope you learn something, see you next time! Tchüß!

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