My First Possible NFT Experience

Disclaimer, this is not financial advice.

Sup brah!

So, as one of my new year’s resolutions, I want to jump into the NFT wagon.

CryptoPunk #7804 – $7.56 Million

Why? It’s because I regretted the day when my friend told me about Bitcoin (it was just about 600€ that time – now it’s 35K€) and I didn’t buy it. And it was a stupid reason as well why I can’t buy it, it’s just because the platform does not accept my passport! (Yeah, having a weak passport can give you a financial disadvantage! For real)

I stumbled upon it really randomly by… *drumrolls Instagram ads. Yep. It was an art regarding space robots called “Space Warriors“.

Space Warriors

The graphic team is so great, so it is made by Unity Engine 5, and look at the gorgeous lighting effects and design. The person who made it was an ex-Disney, ex-Ubisoft designer. So, I don’t mind paying a bit more expensive since I know it’s going to be built with love, unlike the other weird project that I cannot use like… ahem… Ghozali every day. (But maybe I’m just jealous at this point)

It is normal in the community to have the mint price around 0.1 – 0.2 ETH, so prepare your wallet in advance. And don’t forget to add more (around 0.05 ETH for the gas price). You only need to spend the gas price once, so buying bulk will definitely be more price-friendly on the gas.

If you MINT it, people can see the owner at least, so always be prepared to be famous. Otherwise, you can also stake it in the founder’s wallet to hide your name.

Metamask is considered a hot wallet because it’s connected to the internet and more open to security risks. A more secure wallet is a cold wallet that isn’t connected online. One example of a cold wallet that is more secure is Ledger.

The general rule of thumb is it’s ok to have a small amount of crypto in a hot wallet, it does make trading easier. If you have a LARGE amount of crypto then it’s usually best to store them on a cold wallet for increased security.

I’m going to tell you the minting process below…

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If you want to know what happened after the MINTing date, check out this link.

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